SORDI(1) General Commands Manual SORDI(1)

load and rewrite RDF data

sordi [-hv] [-i syntax] [-o syntax] [-s string] input [base_uri]

sordi is a command-line utility for loading RDF data into a model, and writing it out again.

sordi is mainly useful for things like removing duplicate statements, merging data files, or aggressive pretty-printing with statement reordering.

The options are as follows:

, --help
Print the command line options.

Read input as syntax. Case is ignored, valid values are: “NQuads”, “NTriples”, “TriG”, “Turtle”.

Write output as syntax. Case is ignored, valid values are: “NQuads”, “NTriples”, “TriG”, “Turtle”.

Parse string input instead of a file (terminates options).

Display version information and exit.

sordi exits with a status of 0, or non-zero if an error occurred.

sordi is a part of sord, by David Robillard
November 29, 2022 Sord 0.30.17